The National Center for Electron Beam Research (NCEBR) is the leading academic and research organization in the world that is focused on the research, development, and commercialization of Electron Beam (eBeam) and X-ray technologies. Our goal is to exploit these technologies for improving the quality of life of peoples and economies around the world.  Our vision is to harness eBeam and X-ray technologies for cleaning, healing, feeding, and shaping this world and beyond….  As the National Center for Electron Beam Research, our focus is to advance this technology in the United States and worldwide. Our research and commercialization activities are targeted to expanding this technology so that new businesses and new jobs are created around this technology and its varied applications.

****New Salmonella Vaccine using eBeam Technology!!****
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*** Now ***Offering eBeam phytosanitary treatment processing in Texas for imported fresh produce from Australia, India, Laos, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Phillipines, South Africa, Thailand, and Vietnam
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***Recently***IAEA designates eBeam Center as the IAEA Collaborating Centre for Electron Beam Technologies!